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Top 7 Palisade Wine Tasting Tours and Excursions


Colorado known for its wine country and its wine culture.  Palisade brings a rich variety of wine tastings tours and excursions.  Enjoying the best from Palisade Colorado through its wine rich country.  With top Wineries in Palisade offering tastings but also private and guided wine tours available.



Wine Country Inn

Vineyard at the Wine Country Inn located in Palisade.   A wine venue with a touch of romantic atmosphere, great for celebrations.  Wine Country Inn is a hotel with 80 rooms and the wine bar can offer you a variety of wines from the local wineries which are only walking distance from the hotel. 

Address: 777 Grande River Drive, 777 Stubb Ditch Rd, Palisade, CO 81526, United States

Phone: +1 970-464-5777
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Grand Junction Tours

Grand Junction Tours does not only offer tours of almost all the palisade wineries, but also the very unique experience of lavender farms and the scenic hiking trails of grand junction.  Also known for a great wine tour.

Address: 2491 Fountain Greens PL, Grand Junction, CO 81505

Phone: (970) 261-8329

Palisade Pedicab

If you are specifically looking for slower winery tours, Palisade Pedicab offers a great shuttle service that will make sure you have time to take in every view.

Phone: +1 970-875-7344

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Absolute Prestige

Want a tour of the wine country in style? Absolute Prestige offers unique tours of Palisade wineries, breweries, orchards, and galleries on a limousine.

Address: 1351 Q Rd. Loma, CO 81524

Phone: 970-858-8500

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Hermosa Vineyards Wine Tasting

Enjoying the different local wines of Palisade Colorado in this great winery and vineyard.  Offering you a variety of options to celebrate any occasion with them.  

Phone Number: (970) 640-0940

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The Palisade Café & Wine Bar

Another great venue in Palisade to enjoy wine tastings and different wines from the locals.  Whether a cocktail drink or wine.  This venue is great to stop by to end your trip, with great staff and all sorts of wines and food to ensure your stay in Palisade Colorado can be remembered through its wine culture.

Address: 113 W 3rd St, Palisade, CO 81526, United States

Phone: +1 970-464-2888

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Pali Tours 

Pali tours offer different tours in the area and different things to do in Palisade.  You can not miss their wine tasting tour.  All of their excursions are guided including the wine tasting which takes you to different wineries in the area to indulge in the wine culture of Colorado.  Offering you some of the best colorado wineries.  

Phone: +1 970-697-8134

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All of these wine tasting tours and excursions are a great way to explore Palisade and Grand Junction.  If you are passing by or if you are a local celebrating a birthday, anniversaty, bachelorette, coorporate or even a team building activity.  These are a great option for your group.