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Winery History

Winery History

The Legend of Wild Women Wine

Forever in search of La Dolce Vita, the sweet life, women of the world long ago embraced the idea of resisting the conformity and commonality society diligently tried to impress upon them. Whether on a weekend jaunt, an evening of fulfillment, or in a lifetime spent defying convention, the “wild women” of the world unite in their zest for adventure, laughter and good times. 

The «Chief Wild Woman’ of Denver’s Wild Women Wine spent many years in the throes of a stable career and predictable lifetime milestones. Embracing the freedoms and challenges of entrepreneurship, our Wild Woman and her more mild-mannered man began their wine journey in a small town in North Texas. Thirsting for more than can be found in a small Texas town, she eagerly embarked on an island adventure that tested her commitment to throwing a lifetime of caution to the winds. Not to be undone by hurricanes and hailstorms, our Chief Wild Woman trekked to the high country of Colorado to work with her vintner husband on wines that embody the spirit of wild women everywhere. Now with an even crisper, richer flavor, their wines represent the freedoms, challenges and richness of life for which wild women around the world strive. 

Never the conformist, our Wild Woman insists on being the antithesis of wine snobbery. Showcasing wines with fanciful labels illustrated by a wild woman artist right here in Denver (and a member of the Wild Women Wine team), Skinny Bitch, Big Girl Barbera and Naked Chardonnay epitomize the spirit that is Wild Women Wine. And as our Chief Wild Woman insists, “If you aren’t having fun…we’ll ask you to leave!” 

We invite you to enjoy the style, taste and good times of Wild Women Wine at 1660 Champa Street in downtown Denver, Colorado.